2011 MDH Sustainability Report

Caring. Engaging. Empowering. is MDH’s report on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. It covers the year 2011. It is a Type B report prepared by internal MDH stakeholders through self-declaration using the Global Reporting Initiative’s Version 3.0 Guidelines. External assurance will be sought in its future reports. MDH intends to produce a sustainability report every two years.

This report is limited to indicators that are relevant to MDH’s operations as a hospital and have measurable outcomes. Other GRI indicators are expected to be added in succeeding sustainability reports. Moreover, in this initial undertaking, MDH has included self-declared indicators not found in the GRI guidelines, as determined by the Manila Doctors Hospital Sustainability Reporting Committee (MDH SRC). The said indicators are used to emphasize salient points and information specifically generated by health care institutions and centers.

MDH has identified 22 indicators by which its programs are measured in the reporting period of January 2011 to December 2011. The topics embrace the Hospital’s mission, goals, and core values, which are of interest to both internal and external stakeholders.

Internal stakeholders provided the largest percentage of inputs. However, a systematic approach to include input from external stakeholders can be expected in the future, which will allow the Hospital to better understand and anticipate their interests and expectations. The MBFI is mentioned several times in this report, as it is MDH’s parent corporation. The Foundation likewise provides funds for many of the Hospital’s CSR activities.

The MDH SRC was created in February 2010. It is made up of individuals from different units of the Hospital, as well as representatives from its parent organization, the MBFI.

Several meetings were convened to discuss the importance of sustainability reporting and to decide on the materiality of the indicators to be included in the report, as well as the manner of reporting. Existing data on the Hospital was gathered by the Committee Members and collated by the Committee Secretariat.

Upon review of the materials, the SRC reconvened to arrange the storyline and theme of the report. The drafts were then presented to the Senior Management Team and the Management Committee of the Hospital for comments and suggestions. The final paper was completed in November 2012.

Clarifications regarding this report may be addressed to:
Corporate and Strategic Planning Office
Executive Offices
Manila Doctors Hospital at telephone number (632) 524-30-11 local 3772
or by sending an email to src@maniladoctors.com.ph.