Community Health Program

The Sama-Sama sa Malusog na Barangay (SMB) is a community health program initiated by the hospital to extend its CSR programs to disadvantaged communities. It aims to assist the community in its pursuit of physical, mental, political, socioeconomic, cultural, and spiritual well-being and to provide opportunities, resources, and learning experiences to community members and interns in community medicine.

Medical Services

We conduct daily clinic consultations at the barangay clinic of our adopted community.

Other medical services provided are as follows:

  • Free FBS
  • Free ECG
  • Free Bone Scan
  • Free Pap Smear
  • Free Flu Vaccine
  • Dental Mission
  • Medical Mission in cooperation with the AFP
  • Free cholesterol determination
  • A(H1N1) vaccination to 115 community residents
  • Brgy. Operation Linis
  • Operation Timbang

Health Lectures and Training

We facilitate health lectures to further enhance the knowledge and skills of community residents and health volunteers. These include:

1. Lecture on Hypertension
2. Blood pressure taking/monitoring
3. Basic Life Support: Common Community Emergencies
4. Family planning
5. Nutrition (Food pyramid and diet)
6. Oral Health Lecture
7. Goiter Awareness Lecture
8. Rabies 101
9. Dengue Prevention
10. Hepatitis Lecture
11. Liver Disease Prevention
12. A(H1N1) Lecture
13. HIV AIDS Lecture and Interactive Forum
14. Breast Cancer Awareness
15. Child Health: Proper Tooth Brushing and trick or treat
16. Environmental Awareness
17. “Cook and Sell: a livelihood project from the pot” (Nutrition Month: Sa Pagkaing Tama at Sapat, Wastong Timbang ni Baby ang Katapat)

Continuous Skills Training for Volunteer Health Workers (VHW)

Return Demonstration by VHW

  • Environment Sanitation Lecture
  • Tuberculosis Lecture
  • Cough and Colds Lecture

Skills Demonstration by VHW

  • Blood Pressure Taking
  • Vital Signs Taking (Temperature

Skills Training for VHW

  • Basic First Aid
  • Community Health Promotion
  • Basic Life Support Training